B-Bar Stock Farm

B-Bar Ishmael's Firstmate

Firstmate is a large framed male, who is out of one of the best mothers here on the farm.  His dam Fanni makes more milk than any other llama I have ever owned.  I often try to milk some extra colostrum from her when she gives birth to freeze in case I need it for someone elses cria.  His sire Camelid's Senor Ishmael is a male purchased from Catskill/Camelids of Delaware out of two Chilean imports, and is of course full Chilean and unrelated to most bloodlines.  Firstmate is a very aggressive breeder and unfortunately is closely related to many of my foundation females so his breeding here has been pretty limited.  Becuase of that I do have him for sale at this time (I really need to get down to less than 10 breeding males) and would like to see him go to someone who can use him more heavily than I can.  Since I need to cut my numbers he is offered for sale at $400.

Peruvian Visteon's Full Moon

"Mooner" as I call him, pictured in his working clothes.  I purchased him at the Twin Lakes Dispersal sale, he is sired by Peruvian Visteon (Kantu son) and out of MGF Moonlight Serenade who is a Range Rover daughter.  Moon is tall and flashy with lots of true suri fiber.  He is only 50% Peruvian but his dam's pedigree includes not only Range Rover but other well known animals including Senor Rojo, Macho's Ace and Macho Camacho.  We used him for the first time last summer and are very pleased with his first crias.  You can see them on our cria page.  I am planning on using him on a number of females this year.  He is available for outside breedings - call for info.   

Hard Rock's Cash on the Spot

Cash is one of only a handful of M.R.S. Direct Deposit offspring, and he is out of a large Machuco daughter named Overman White Diamond.  Direct Deposit was out of HCLA Bolivian Easy Money who sold for $75,000 a few years ago. 

Cash has decided for no apparent reason, that he does not want to be in any of the pastures here on the farm.  No matter what pasture I put him in, he jumps out.  Even when I put him with a group of females, he jumped out and wandered around the neighbors yard.  Consequently, he now lives in a relatively small paddock in between two of the barns with eight foot high fences.  I did use him on a number of females this summer and am looking forward to his 2011 crias.  Cash is available for outside breedings as well.  Call for details.   


Megawatt is from the Tillman's Ranch in Oregon.  I have always liked the HCLA Bolivian Over Exposed offspring and when Andy sent the information and photos on this guy, I couldn't resist.  He is out of Desi's Dream who is sired by Papa Noel and out of a Chavito daughter.  I have used him on some females this summer and should have several crias out of him in 2011. 

Megawatt is like the other boys, available for outside breedings - call for info. 

Peruvian Sirius V Ventura

Ventura like Moon was another purchase at the Twin Lakes Dispersal.  He and his dam Peruvian Valandra PC-1 were Lot number 1 in the sale.  He is sired by Peruvian Sirius who is a Peruvian Keno son and is full Peruvian.  Once again I really need to get some better photos, but from this one at least you can see his colorful true suri fiber.  He has a great personality and is very easy to handle.  I have tried to use him a couple of times this summer, but he just wasn't quite ready to start breeding yet.  I will plan on using him on a number of females next spring. 

Sunrise Fire and Ice

"Iceman" as we call him here on the farm came from Sunrise Ranch in Canada.  He had been consigned to the Cascade Llama Sale last year and after a couple of calls to Jacob and Tor, he was on his way to our farm in New York.  I really like this guy, his structure, his color and his ropey suri fiber.  As with Ventura though, he is still not quite ready to go to work.  I do have him with a few females at the present time and am hopeful he might get the idea and get them bred.  If not I plan to use him on several females next year. 

Ice is sired by a White Star Cusco son, Sunrise Sambuca on Ice and Cusco is sired by Peruvian Keno.  Watch for more info and updates including some better photos. 

B-Bar Smokin Alamo

This guy was born here on the farm and has been a favorite since day one.  He is sired by our Smokin Gun son, FFF Smokin Caliente' and is out of one of our favorite female families.  His dam and grand-dam had never had a male until this guy and his half-brother/uncle was born.  We also still have him here and do have him offered for sale, but would like to see him go to someone close by so we might be able to use him to breed a few females.  See him listed below. 

Alamo should be breeding by this spring and I will offer him for outside service once we know he is working.   

B-Bar Caliente's Argyle

Argyle is a colorful appy male out of my favorite female line going back to a female I purchased many years ago named Abqaiq.  She produced a daughter named Abigail who was an intense red and white reverse appy that has produced many of my herd favorites.  American Dream, Africa and Alamo are three that are still in the herd.  Argyle is sired by FFF Smokin Caliente' and is out of Africa, who is a large white and red appaloosa female.  I really like this guy and will certainly use him this year to breed some females.  He is of course very closely related to Alamo, and even though I would like to keep him, I have decided that because I have Alamo and still have his mom, that I would let him go.  For sale $850 

B-Bar Soul Man's Escondido

Escondido is just what I was hoping I would get when I purchased his dam from Lynda Feld, bred to HCLA Bolivian Soul Man.  Soul Man's offspring have always impressed me and I was glad to have the opportunity to be able to add one to my herd.  His dam Ellie is a big powerfull female with loud appy coloring, and an intense red head.  Ellie tends to be a bit of a lite milker and although we tried could not get Escondido to accept a supplemental bottle.  Consequently, he is not as large as his herdmates of the same age, but I am still excited about using him for the first time this spring/summer.  He is a favorite of everyone who come to the farm.  He has an extreme suri fleece that is very, very soft.